I did it….


Some people aim for university degrees to broaden their knowledge, and the others just aim for living to the fullest. The same with me: I feel now as I have graduated from the University of Life with a Master in World Studies, People’s Cultures and Travel Adventures. How can I regret any minute of this life journey that turned out the best experience I have ever had? And I don’t. And what is more important: I did exactly what I wanted and no matter how many voices around me doubted and didn’t believe, they didn’t outshout my inner voice.

When leaving US, I knew it was going to be life-time long journey without an ending, and sometimes without a physical destination, so my only destination has become my inner feeling and instinct to explore and discover new cultures and horizons of the world and of myself. And they never betrayed me – I was right in my trust to my inner Me.

So what is now? Has this journey come to the end? I cannot say that: at the very moment I started it my life took a different turn, was set into different direction and lightened up by new dreams. And I am still with two feet on this road and no matter what country this road will take me to, it will always lead me to the only genuine destination – to true myself.  Many people don’t notice how the whole life passes by having their heads in day-to-day routine. For me 3 years changed everything from the way I see and think to the way I open doors to new adventures.

To my friends: you were supporting me from the minute the idea to make the journey was born in my head; you were encouraging me to go for my crazy dreams as you would wish to do the same but couldn’t ; this adventure is dedicated to you as your words were the strongest support for me.

To all my newly-found friends: sometimes life brings people to meet in a strange, unexpected, sudden ways – in a coffee shop, trains, streets. But the most beautiful about these encounters is that you need just a moment to feel the connection and develop ties and friendship that make you cross continents and time zones to see them again. Thank you to all of you for sharing your life stories and encouraging me to never give up. It was my genuine source of inspiration that helped me to always be strong and confident in my desires, dreams and faith in the importance of remaining myself no matter how difficult sometimes it could be. This feeling of being yourself and believing yourself doesn’t have the price, but its value is higher than anything in the world – it keeps you unbreakable!

To my mom: my biggest support, my source of power and believe. You know without you it wouldn’t start and wouldn’t happen – thank you.

We never know when your life watch stops. You only know no matter when it happens you don’t want to die wondering ‘what if…’ And I don’t know when my time comes, but even if it happens tomorrow, I will leave this world with the biggest smile on my face and joy in my heart  saying: ‘Hell, I did it’.

Travel never ends. Rebel’s journey will discover new places and will start new adventures. Soon. When you have new eyes, every landscape is a new field to explore.

Peace out

9 thoughts on “I did it….

  1. Courage is what you have Erick…like your zodiac sign, el leon…..courage in your heart and mind. I LOVE to see people leave their comfort zones, for that is how life TRULY begins! You are a very cool person!!!!!!

    1. thanks Teri for your nice words and all your support once again having friends like you makes you keep going because you know your friends always going to be there.

  2. What’s up Erick!? You are an inspiration my friend… I envy the freedom you grabbed a hold of and took your journey! It’s def something i would LOVE to do myself (must be the Leo in me as well). For now I will live through your dream and perhaps i will someday follow with mine. Safe travels brotha! Enjoy.

      1. Didn’t notice my messages… Gotta get used to this thing still. I’m living in Ventura now but am up in SB for work. Perhaps i’ll stay up and go out sometime. Would love to hear about your journeys. I’m itching to live in a different country! Thinking South/Central America. Need to learn Spanish ASAP!

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