Erick Goycochea was born and raised in Peru has lived in Santa Barbara California for almost 10 years, a dreamer, has a big passion for travel, never likes to stay in one place for long time, always looking for new things to do, love sports and be active all the time.  Looking for new challenges, new goals. Likes all kinds of music but Reggae always on his top of his list, fascinate for racecars and speed, always in to new adventures, love to be in and near nature, and especially love the ocean,  never imagined be far from the ocean. The most important things are his  friends and family, to continue to learn from others, friends next to him, and friends have yet to meet from other cultures across the world, and also, to live simply, appreciating the places, people, cultures and kindnesses that are next to him on a daily basis.

Rebel’s Journey

It’s my own journey of all my new adventures in life. Why a Rebel?  Why not? I discovered myself that be a Rebel in life helps you to fight for what you want in life, and stand up for what you believe. Rebel against what?  Against our own negative thoughts, and one of the biggest. “I can’t “, for every positive though we had sometimes we ended it up with I can’t, such a negative though that could be replace by “I will do my best.”  With this blog I would like to transmit that if you have a dream or goal, never give up just go for it.

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  1. I will do my best… I love that thought!! It’s such an inspiring phrase. I know that you’ll have a great journey. You’ve always looked at life with such positive spirit that is contagious… I always had that vibe from you since we first met… and I’m glad that I have met you, my friend. Enjoy your new adventure and take care. Peace & Love!!

  2. Eric, Perhaps I always saw this “rebel” in you and why I was drawn to you…you make me curious once again, about things I forgot to be curious about. One thing is for sure, you are a shining example of what someone can do and overcome if they believe in them self. I wish you a safe journey and very much look forward to reading about your experiences. Listen to the music, eat the food, love the people and never forget to thank the man upstairs for the life he is presenting to you. Always, Teri xoxo

    1. Teri thanks for your comment and glad that I woke the curiosity again in you, life is too short and sometimes we just have to go for it and do it without wait and waste time. E

  3. Eric, So glad you started a blog on your travels. Looking forward to new posts and hearing all about your amazing adventures! Travel well and see you when you land back in Santa Barbara

    1. Thanks Annie, I’m having a blast here was good to leave my confort zone and experience all this. It’s a learning experience. As I said you are welcome to come meet somewhere and bagpack with me, will be fun. Take Care and thanks for you support.

  4. I’m so happy that you decided to follow your dreams my friend. I know that you will have the time of your life. Congratulations for your courage! I love your blog. Keep us posted!! Besos!!!

  5. As the holidays approach, you are missed more than ever my friend! I’m reading up on your travels weekly and I’m so happy for you. Always, Susan xoxoxo

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